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What is Day of the Dead…

30 October 2021

… besides, that is, an excuse for bougie goth cosplay, tourist touts descending on cemeteries, and Mexican stores unloading surplus Hallowe’en bling? Religious scholar Andrew Henry gives a nice overview on his “Religion for Breakfast” video:

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  1. Searching Answers permalink
    2 November 2021 6:06 am

    Are you the scholar who wrote this
    “ Zapata began working for De La Torre in 1906, but, responding to complaints from other landowners about the horse-trainer’s annoying habit of demanding rights for the local peasants — and protesting land grabs — he was drafted into the army in 1908. As Ray Acosta uncovered, De La Torre used whatever credibility he had with his father-in-law to arranged for Zapata’s discharge in March 1910 in return for agreeing to work as De La Torre’s groom.”
    I’m absolutely fascinated by this timeline!
    I just bought the Mexican chronology book and I’m hoping for more details.
    I have a couple of questions.
    Please email me if you are able ?
    Thank you!

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