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The daring young prez in his flying machine

17 November 2021

From the 16th of November thru the end of the year in 1911, a airshow was held i Mexico City, sponsored by the Moisant Internation Aviators, to show off the latest in Bléirot and Deperdussin planes.

Geo Dyott, Richard Hamilton, and two women — Harriet Quimby and Matilde Moisant — demonstrated what was then the last word in transportation, Dyott brought along a passenger, President Francisco I Madero, making him the first head of state to ever go up in a plane (yes, Theodore Roosevelt had been in a plane earlier, but he was an ex-President at the time).

Mexico would have other aviation firsts… the first Air Force in the Americas (with two pilots, the Salinas Carranza brothers), the first aerial bombardment in the Americas (Mazatlan, 1914) and the first air-strike (Topolobampo, 1913).

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  1. 17 November 2021 4:50 pm

    The Salinas/Carranza brothers are my tios. I found this out through my genealogy research. We share a common maternal Garza line. Now I know why brother likes to fly small planes since he was 19. At 75 he is still flying. El deseo ya viene en la sangre………

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