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Let us now praise famous women

5 January 2022

Josefa Ortiz, Gertrudis Bocanegra, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz y Margarita Maza

Recently added to the series of monuments to famous Mexicans along Reforma.

Ortiz was a leader in the “conspiracion”… the 1810 uprising that marked the beginning of the War of Independence. Something like Paul Revere in US revolutionary mythology, she was the one who warned Padre Hidalgo that the Spanish were coming!, the Spanish were coming!.

Bocanegra was an propagandist and spy for the Independence fighter, tortured and executed by the Spanish in 1817.

Sor Juana, the “tenth muse of the Americas” was a feminist, poet, musician, scientist and philospher.

Margarita Maza, in addition to caring for the 17 children (only 12 of whom survived to adulthood), of her and her husband, Benito Juarez, she was a close advisor to the president, entrusted with raising funds and public support for the Republic during the war agains the French occupation, and unofficially the Republic’s diplomatic reprentative in New York.

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