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Ricardo Salinas Pliego’ very bad day

20 January 2022

The rich cry, too.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego owns… about everything Carlos Slim doesn’t, it seems. The CEO of Grupo Electra, Banco Azteca, Azteca TV, Totalplay internet services, Italika motorbikes, the Mazatlan Futbol Club… etc. etc. etc. and noted COVID skeptic, has been hit with a 2,3636,000,000 peso (about 130 million US dollar) tax bill for… wait for it… his 2006 income taxes.

While he claims the Supreme Court, by turning down his demand for an amparo– injunction — agains the tax lien is a violation of his human rights and he can take the case to some yet higher court is unlikely to go anywhere.

On top of that… having insulted just about every journalist who has reporte on his dubious record of tax payments… coupled with his tendency to deny COVD is any sort of problem… 500 of his favorite “bots” were shut down, and he was banned by Twitter.

What’s this world coming to when billionaires have to pay taxes?

Oh… and Jorge Hank Rhon, the biggest casino owner in the country, just got dinged by the tax office too… though that’s a mere 1,187,000.000 million pesos (58 million US dollars).

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