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El ratón que rugía?

8 February 2022

Irish writer Leonard Wibberly’s 1955 satire, “The Mouse That Roared” satirize the Cold War and the Marshall Plan in the story of a tiny mythical country (Grand Fenwick) declaring war on the United States, planning to lose and receive the “benefits” of rehabilitation. Of course, in the novel, through a series of improbable events, Grand Fenwick wins.

It seems Ecuador has taken a page or two out of the fantasy satire. After signing an trade agreement with China, the US Senate has introduced the “United States-Ecuador Partnership Act of 2022” to… among other things… “address corruption, crime, and negative foreign influence” i.e. Chinese investments.

Naturally the bill is “bi-partisan”, meaning both US parties are… in the spirit of Woodrow Wilson… going to teach “them” to (in this case, not elect, but select) good men (to do business with).

Hmmm… can we get Putin to meet with AMLO?

DW (Spanish edition), “Senadores de EE. UU. proponen estrechar lazos con Ecuador”

United States Senate Comittee on Foreign Relations, “Menendez, Risch, Kaine, Rubio Unveil New Legislation to Bolster U.S.-Ecuador Relationship

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