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Another state legalizes abortion

9 March 2022

Access to abortion, like same-sex marriage is in THEORY the law of the land, although states have been reluctant to pass the necessary legislation. Although the Supreme Court ruled that abortions cannot be criminally prosecuted, only six states (Mexico City, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Colima and Baja California) provide services, and then sometimes only on a limited basis. For example, in Oaxaca, there are two small clinics, both in the state capital, making it difficult for rural women to access services.

Ironically, the Supreme Court ruling came as a result of a suit against the abortion ban in the state of Sinaloa (overturned by unanimous decision), although it was only today that the Sinaloan legislature passed the required bills. Abortion is legal in the first 13 weeks, with only small fines after 13 weeks (exceptions being made when deemed medically necessary by two doctors… with the mother’s consent, of course), and with more serious punishments for forcing abortions without consent, or in the course of a criminal act.

For now, as with same-sex marriage in some remaining states, abortion is legal in the first 13 weeks, although in most states, one would still need to obtain a federal court order (or travel to the now seven states where it is legal.

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