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Mister, you’re gonna have to answer to… Nasa Indians.

29 March 2022

The Nasa, a Colombia indigenous community markets “artisanal” products through their communal corporation, “Tierra de Indios”. Among their offerings, and one quite popular with the hipsters of Bogata and Medellin, is a coca-leaf based beer, dubbed in the Nasa language “Coca in the mouth”… Coca Pola.

It seems that a well-known Atlanta George based multinational has some objection to the name of that perfectly legal (in Colombia anyway) orange canned beverage labeled “Cerveza de Coca”.

If the US Corporation thinks the Nasa are gonna just roll over think again. As they (and their lawyers) aregue, “Coca” is a word long predating the US company, and is, like “Pola” words from their own language. And besides… who is gonna mistake something relatively healthy like alcoholic coca for what is known in Latin America as the “black sewage of gringo imperialism”

Source: Desinformémonos… which proudly claims it is “is freely accessible and reproducible. It is not funded by Nestlé or Monsanto.” Nor, for that matter, is MexFiles, though papal contributions are gratefully accepted.

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