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A grave crime…

21 May 2022

From Regeneration:

Two things I’d like to know. Who buys bones (witch doctors?) and who is buried with a bag of pot?

A 30-year-old man was arrested by Auxiliary Police officers for transporting human remains that he illegally unearthed from a grave in a Iztapalapa cemetery.

According to the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office, the man identified as José “N” was transporting human remains and other stolen items.

The police officers were on a routine patrol of the cemetery when they observed the man removing objects from a grave. When the officers approached him to ask if he had authorization to be in the place, the man claimed to be a cemetery workers, but was unable to verify it.

After searching his belongings, officers found 12 possibly human bones, seven metal crosses and a plastic bag with apparent marijuana.

According to some testimonies, the events occurred on April 26. One of the three criminal groups that steal and sell human remains in cemeteries in this demarcation could be responsible for the events.

Inquiring minds want to know: Who buys bones? And was somebody buried with a bag of pot?

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