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Authentic Mexican gibberish… from Porfiro Díaz

6 June 2022

Even at the age of 80, one thing you can say about Don Porfirio: the man knew how to obfuscate better than just about any politician ever.

In 1908, the President was interviewed by Filomeno Mata, and asked about a statement published earlier that year in which he had hinted of a possible retirement at the end of his term. Don Porfirio gave a master lesson in how to avoid a straight answer:

The main topic, to which you refer is one which, in my opinion, should not be discussed just now, and if on a recent occasion I made a statement with respect to that subject, it was only the expression of a mere personal desire of mine. You will, therefore, not take it strange if, in answer to your request to be informed as my resolution, I forbear to make it known seeing that so long a time has elapsed before the prospect time for manifesting it arrives.

“President Díaz Makes Statement on Rumors of Coming Candidacy,” Mexico Herald, 28 October 1908

So… uh… yeah.

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  1. 8 June 2022 8:27 am

    Damn. That is Cantinflas level. LOL.

  2. Jim Browne permalink
    8 June 2022 1:27 pm

    The man was an artist, I guess that’s one of the reasons he was able to hang on for so long.

    In my work experience as a civil servant we referred to such outpourings as ‘mumblefuck’. I had a boss who was of Olympic caliber.

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