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Signs and wonders

2 August 2022

Spotted in some of the more popular “expat” neighborhoods, both in Mexico City, and elsehwhere.

Is there anywhere on the planet that migrants are universally welcomed? While usually it’s less-privilidged economic migrants who bear the brunt of this sort of rejection, the bourgie “expats”seem shocked that they are seem for what the term “expat” really is… a nice way of saying “economic migrant with more money”.

Where I lived before (Texas) it wasn’t uncommon to hear or see unkindness towards migrants by those who saw outsiders as a threat to the status quo. Why is anyone shocked that there are people here with the same kind of attitude, seeing migrants from foreign cultures as a unwanted intervention in their lives?

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  1. Rebecca Ore permalink
    2 August 2022 8:34 pm

    I think when foreigners are rare, they’re generally a curiosity rather than a plague, and people who want to be one of a handful of foreigners or the only foreigner, in a place want to assimilate. The foreigners who come to places because of other people like them are colonizing, not assimilating. Being able to raise house prices and rent really doesn’t endear foreigners to neighborhood where the original neighbors are being priced out. It’s gentrification that doesn’t speak your language (which is why those signs are in English).

  2. mexicomystic permalink
    6 August 2022 1:09 pm

    I think the Xenophobia is worse now than it was 50 plus years ago. Now being fed by the propaganda machine .
    Back in the 60’s any gringo who was here for extended periods was suspected of being c.i.a. Even my wife jokingly mentioned it. I told her…if I am then they owe me a lot of bck pay.

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