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How many?

28 November 2022

Whether the demonstation yesterday should be considered a march in support of reforms in the electoral system, a celebration of four years of the “Transformation” or a response to last week’s “march of the fifis”… sold as supporting the status quo (or, more specifically, rejecting proposed changes to the electoral system as “dictatorial”), but better remembered for those marchers who called those supporting the government “indios con patas rajadas” (Indians in ragged pants)… or all of the above… it certainly brought out the people.

By no means only “indians in ragged pants” (though many proudly proclaimed themselves as such), unions, social organizations, politicians on the left, academics, women’s groups, students, workers, etc., etc. etc. came by the…

Thousands… according to Reforma this morning.

Hundreds of thousands… according to the Associated Press.

1.2 Million .. according to the Mexico City government

From the Mexican “mainstream” (read not-pro-AMLO) news stations:

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  1. mexicomystic permalink
    29 November 2022 12:50 am

    | Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero


    Socialism…the thing that the USA desperately needs But is the target of politicos  who prefer votes and corruption over justice.

      | | |


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