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The “glories” of war

13 December 2022

Maybe staying neutral is the only way to understand what war means. Between the “War to End All Wars” and next one, Argentinian Carlos Gardel’s “Silencio” (1933) managed better than most to capture the essense of homeland and conflict.

Silence ia the night, everything is calm,

Not a muscle stils, ambition all at rest..

Rocking a cradle, a mother sings

a lullaby the reaches to the soul.

Resting in the cradle is her latest hope. One of five brothers

They were five brothers, and she was a saint..

Five kisses every morning, five tender touches every day.

The white haired old woman, who working in her shop

sits silent in the night.

Everything is calm, not a muscle moves

A bugle sounded once, the homeland was endangered,

The war cry sounded, and men killed other men.

Covering in their blood, the fields of France.

Today all that passed, the plants reborn,

The ploughs sing forth, a sonf of new life.

And the whizend old woman, she sit at home alone

remained alone, with five medals

which for five heroes the homeland took from her.

Silent is the night, and everything is calm.

Not a muscle moves, and all ambitious gone.

A faint chorus of crooning mothers

Rock in their cradles, new hope…

Silent in the night.

with silence in the souls…

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