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Paranoid much?

10 February 2023

From “Remember the Maine” to the Zimmerman Note to the Gulf of Tonkin to “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, the US establishment has always taken the “We must fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here” approach to foreign policy. Or, it seems, even domestic policy… when they can blame others.

Take the latest “crazy and scurrious” (in Pedro Migel‘s phrasing) of the demand by 21 state’s attorney generals to declare Mexican drug cartels, “terrorist organizations” under the justification that these organizations “carry out daily chemical warfare against the Americans”.

In what seems like a drug trip rather than a serious analysis, the signatories argue that the threat from drug traffickers “is even greater because of the known links between Mexican cartels and organizations like Hezbollah.”

The mention of an epidemic of addictions caused by pharmaceutical companies in the United States itself as “chemical warfare” is clearly nonsense making the attempt to classify the cartels as “terrorists” is even more nonsensical: drug traffickers are not motivated by political or religious zeal, but by the prospect of earning the greatest amount of money in the shortest possible time, in the most unregulated way and in a highly competitive environment, In short, they are businessmen fully installed in the neoliberal paradigm . They major ally is not Hezbollah, but Wall Street, which is where the bulk of the illicit profits produced by the business are laundered, and its predominant partners are the CIA, which designed the cocaine routes for them four decades ago; the DEA, which helps them with money laundering; and the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which has sent them very generous supplies of high-powered weapons.

The dangerous thing about this travesty of a demand is that if Biden and the State Department listened to this perversity, Washington would consider itself entitled to assassinate any person in Mexican territory… “because he was a terrorist.”

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