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Mexico in the (pink) eye of the US?

1 March 2023

While large (80 to 100 thousand people) , the rally to “defend the electoral system” rally… or, rather, a rally suppsedly against changes in the structure of the National Elections Institute (INE, for its Spanish initials), was also a rally to support a coalition of the three formerly main parties (PRI, PAN and PRD) against the ruling MORENA party, along with calls for a return to the “liberal” (i.e. ulta-capitalist) policies of the 1990s and 2000s… unsprsingly receiving a glowing report — and a front page photo — in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal.

What one notices first about the photo, though, is not that it’s a huge crowd but that the huge crowd is “color coordinated”… it’s not that color-coordinated demonstations are unknown, but usually, they stick to basic black or white… something everyone has. Not PINK… something that might be found in one’s closet, though I doubt you would find more than one or two pink items in even among the closets of the most fashion conscience of Mexicans.

Coupled with US State Department comments on the event, couched in “diplospeech — “We believe that a well-resourced, independent electoral system and respect for judicial independence support healthy democracy.” regarding a rally against what the MORENA government has sold as cutting the waste out of a bloated electoral system (with the INE directors paid a heftier salary than the President, arguing that — as an independent, “autonomous” state organ — they are not subject to the ordinary civil service rules which limit government salaries to less than the President’s), and were set up to contain political participation to estabilished insiders (true or not, porponents of the proposed reforms focus on, among other things, the INE’s fight to limit ballot access by new parties and independent candidates, and to open the way for refendums on public policy decisions) one wonders if the United States or, rahter the CIA and/or NED and/or USAID isn’t involving itself in yet another “color revolution”.

Although they have been defined as “…non-violent mass protests aimed at changing the existing quasi-democratic governments through elections” (translated here from ), there is strong evidence that the US government (and though the NED and USAID) has fostered these types of protest movements (as in the iranian “Green Revolution” and the Ukrainian “orange revolution”) to push for “regime change” aginst governments not in line with US geopolitical intersts. See “Democratisation, NGOs and “colour revolutions” (Open Democracy, january 2006); 2The Colour Revolutions in the Rearview Mirror: Closer Than They Appear” (Canadian Slovonic Review, Vol. 53, No. 1 (March 2011), pp. 1-24; or … from the right-wing Cato Institute… “The Fading Colors of Pseudo‐​Revolutions“.

While its doubtful THIS particular demonstration is the start of some “deep-state” type conspiracy to overthrow the Mexican state, it wouldn’t be the first time that the US via USAID and NED have worked to “tame” the more leftist elements in Mexican politics (although … along with attempts by the US government to strong-arm Mexico when it comes to agricultural policy… specifically, it’s decisionto limit corn imports (“Hay fines pooliticos detras del malestar de Eu for el decreto sobe el maiz: Buenrostro; Jornada, 28 February 2022, page 23), the Mexican presidency has every reason to question the motives behind the recent protest and the United States Department of State commenting on what should be an internal issue, not one to be decided, or even commented on, by another country.


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  1. Rebecca Ore permalink
    3 March 2023 8:58 pm

    This explains why AMLO isn’t attacking Daniel Ortega. The USAid organization has a contract out for reforming the Nicaraguans into good free market believers and was looking for a Nicaraguan to administer their 90 some thing page RAIN Project in Nicaragua. Whatever happened in 2018 was more confused and less one side bad/other side only wanting to make life better for all Nicaraguans or providing cheaper labor. A British friend who was a child during the Blitz said that comparing Ortega and Murillo with Hitler is just obscene.

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