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Uh… no thanks… Hell, no!

18 March 2023

There is more to say about this, but somehow haven’t posted, but after several calls by U.S. politicians to intervine in Mexico (to “help” wipe out the fentenyl suppliers to willng US customers), AMLO is getting a tad testy. Not having seen anything in the “mainstream” US media yet, I’m relying on Sputnik, via

In a massive event held in the Zócalo of Mexico City, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador warned that his government will never allow the United States Army to intervene in the Latin American country to supposedly combat organized crime.

At the insistence of various US legislators that the Armed Forces of the Univted States would be permitted to operations on Mexican soil to fight against fentanyl trafficking, the Latin American president was emphatic in stating that this strategy does not even exist as a possibility.

Speaking to tens of thousands celebrating the 85th anniversary of Mexico’s expropiration of oil resources (18 March 1937), the President said: “From this zócalo, the political and cultural heart of Mexico, we remind those hypocritical and irresponsible politicians [of the United States] that Mexico is an independent and free country, not a colony or a protectorate of the United States, and that they may threaten us with committing any outrage, but we will never allow them to violate our sovereignty and trample on the dignity of our country,”

AMLO responde a EEUU: “Jamás permitiremos que violen nuestra soberanía y pisoteen nuestra dignidad

On the occasion of that oil expropriation, Great Britain — which was still a relevant power in those days — broke diplomatic relations,and threatened reprisals, which were ignored. Likewise, although there were calls for intervention by the United States . . . including sanctions, , . . the Mexicans were able to stand firm, in large part simply by threatening to work with the other foreign powers of the time.. the Soviet Union and (alas) if the US and Britain really wanted to play hardball, Nazi Germany. Whatever one may say about the morality and ethics of this or that state, when it comes down to it, states are going to protect their own interests first.

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