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Just one more question, Senator Graham

30 March 2023

Photo by: NBCU Photo Bank

If there is one personage that the people of the United States might compare to Andrés Manuel López Obrador… maybe we shouldn’t look at “real” people but at some national icons… like Lieutenant Colombo, the , raspy-voiced, blue-collar detective of the 1970s television series, whose rumpled appearance,and seemingly naive “Just one more question” hid a lasar focus on bringing to heel the ich elite crimnals he invariably would trap by the end of the program.

So, Senator Lindsay Graham… one more question…

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham – who has strongly criticized Mexico for its perceived failure to fight “cartels”, which he blames for the out of control fentanyl abuse problem in his country, and — having thoughout his career, having looked to military adventurism as the answer to almost any domestic issue — not to mention his “Monroeist” mindset (as in Monroe Doctrine) that seems to buy into the bipartisan assumption that the United States must “guide” Mexico, whether it wants guidance or not — has pushed the not so bright idea of labeling Mexican drug exporters “terrorists” in order to justify intervention in this country

Which led AMLO to ask the Senator a ” a question, or two or three… a matter of interest to both nations.”

I would like you to answer yes or no: is fentanyl used in the United States?

Who distributes it in the United States?

Are there bosses, cartels that distribute it there?

Are those who distribute it Mexican or American?

Are they persecuted and punished in the United States?

Can you buy a machine gun or a high-powered weapon in supermarkets in the United States or not?

What programs do you have to support young people, so that they do not consume drugs?

What are they doing? What are you doing?

Are you guaranteeing your youngsters the right to study and work?

Why don’t you change this procedure of abandoning young people at adolescence and not keeping them at home? Don’t you think that this causes them unhappiness, misfortune, dissatisfaction, and is it a reason they are inclined to consume drugs?

th the United States incurbing fentinyl imports (

Despite only a quarter of US fentinyl passes through Mexico, and it’s not produced (in any quantity) here 8most comes thru canada or from Asia) , Mexican authorities will continue to collaborate with Washington not “out of fear of his interventionist threats, but because of humanitarian convictions, because we do care about what unfortunately happens in the United States, that 100,000 young people lose their lives every year due to its consumption. We are going to help, to cooperate in everything we can.”

Unlike Colombo, AMLO is not above helping some elite twit out of his predicament. SHOULD the Senator introduce and push legislation designed to find solutins to the questions the President raised, he’d be happy to help the senator in any way he could.

Emir Olivares y Alonso Urrutia, “AMLO lanza interrogatorio a republicano que critica la lucha antinarco en el país” (Jornada, 30 March 2023)

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