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Wrestling with (and for) Human Rights

24 December 2004

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again… in a lot of ways, Mexico is a much more liberal — and libertarian — country than we give it credit for. Take this story from today’s La Jornada sports and entertainment section:

Win or lose, it doesn’t matter as long as we get respect, Mexican gladiators say.

©2004, La Jornada en Medio
(Friday, 24 December 2004)

“My Flowers” and “Polvo de Estrellas” (Star Dust) — Florencio Diaz Volinos of Torreón, Coahuila and Felipe Alvarado Diaz of Acapulco, Guerrero – both have 18 years experience as Mexican Triple A “Luche libre” wrestlers. Billed as “exóticos” they appear mostly in Nuevo León and Coahuila venues, wearing their pistachio colored tights and wigs. They say “our style is universal”.

The pair rejects the “exotic” label. Says My Flowers, “We are complete fighters, but bring diversity to the ring. To put on a show, we go through the same preparation as any heterosexual wrestler”.

– Are they homosexuals?

– Are fighting for sexual diversity?
“I’m not,” says Polvo. “I don’t have any cause. We only ask to be accepted and respected for what we are.”

– Has it been difficult to work with their image?
Polvo, who grew up watching Santo and Blue Demon films and was always a wrestling fan, said “In the beginning, yes. For the first eight years, there were guys who didn’t want to face me, a homosexual, a fag, a queer. Then, they realized their opponent was a prepared fighter. Some of them had a problem with it.”

My Flowers and Polvo de Estrellas
Photo by Jesus Villasca (La Jornada)

My Flowers, a drag queen before turning pro wrestler, added, “For me it has never been difficult to work with heterosexuals or exotics. I’ve defined myself as homosexual since I was 18 years old. For a homosexual, we either do things well, or we don’t do them.”

– Do they have a homosexual following?
According to Polvo, “No. Our fans include everyone – men and women, but especially, children.” And My Flowers adds “we can’t say if homosexuals come to see us. Maybe they come to see a Latin Lover. People like all kinds of fighters. We’re a little edgier than some”.

Or, maybe, as Polvo opines, “they like our style. I wave my fingers at my rivals and kiss my opponents, caress them. They get angry, but most guys know I can defend myself.”

For My Flowers the important thing is to give a good show. “It doesn’t matter to us whether we win or lose.

There are other “exotic” wresters, in Mexico, as well as the United States and Japan. “In Japan there is one with dog name”. In Triple A, there are only three: the other being Pimpinella, also from Torreón.

– Who are the better fighters?
“That’s up to the fans,” says Polvo. “We’ve both won and lost against gringos “.

Polvo said his most humiliating defeat was when he lost his hair. “I am a little vain, like all people”. My Flowers adds, “We all have our vanity. I’m not just a pretty face.”

My Flowers is married, the other wrester single. Asked about legislation on the matter, Polvo indicated “it doesn’t interest me. One makes a life with or without papers, with or without rights. I have not been discriminated against. People who complain are assholes. Everyone lives as they want. My world is my world “.

– What about discrimination outside the ring?
For Polvo, “that’s calling me a puto, when people keep quiet. Let other people get excited about it.”

For both Luche libre is a sport and spectacle in evolution. “There have been criticisms of Triple A. It would be beneficial if Triple A worked with the other fighter’s organizations,” said Polvo, adding that it’s not a question of machismo.

It comes down to women. “They want to fight. For me, it’s unimportant. I give them credit. Woman are more independent now.” Says My Flowers, “my advice … given more to men than women…” “Love me all night,” Polvo finishes.

– What would they be doing, if not Luche libre?
Polvo answered. “Prostitution.”

– Have many offers?
My Flowers says “No”; Polvo: “I yes”.

My Flowers explains: “People imagine that we must be very robust lovers. But, in my case, I’m very docile. I like to be a bottom”. Polvo however, says “I take the lead.”

My Flowers does not have a favorite wrestling hold. But for Polvo, “I grab the first thing I can, but what pisses off an opponent is when I grab them by their testicles. They get angry and yell”.

“HELP! A homosexual has me by the balls!” My Flowers mimicked.

He added, more seriously that there are always going to be homosexual fighters. Polvo knowingly adds that “time is the only thing that will stop us. We’re doing what we want to do, and I’ll keep going as long as the public lasts.”

For My Flowers “Luche libre is my life. I don’t know what I’ll do in the future. My only fear is old age,” says My Flowers. “And death,” adds Polvo.

Says Polvo: “I am neither proud nor ashamed of being a homosexual. Accept it.”

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