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Mexico is still way ahead of the U.S.

16 August 2013

Not that I follow pro wrestling all that much, but there is a lot of talk about Darren Young, the first openly gay WWE wrestler.  OK, the first in that circuit, but not the first out professional wrestler by any means.  Back when I was teaching myself to translate Spanish, I posted in December 2004 about two out professionals on the AAA Luche Libre circuit “Mis Flores” and “Polvo de Estrellas”,


My Flowers does not have a favorite wrestling hold. But for Polvo, “I grab the first thing I can, but what pisses off an opponent is when I grab them by their testicles. They get angry and yell.

“HELP! A homosexual has me by the balls!” My Flowers mimicked.

He added, more seriously that there are always going to be homosexual fighters. Polvo knowingly adds that “time is the only thing that will stop us. We’re doing what we want to do, and I’ll keep going as long as the public lasts.”

For My Flowers “Luche libre is my life. I don’t know what I’ll do in the future. My only fear is old age,” says My Flowers. “And death,” adds Polvo.

Says Polvo: “I am neither proud nor ashamed of being a homosexual. Accept it.”

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