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HOLY SHIT! What a friggin’ loon!

7 April 2005

Back in 1915, when the Mexican Revolution was in full swing, and the U.S. wasn’t quite decided that we really wanted to make the Germans our enemies, the Japanese became William Randolf Hearst’s favorite boogie-man.

Hearst papers were full of rumors of saumari warriors wandering about Mexico, recruiting soldiers for a drive on California. Hearst even financed a Paulette Godard serial, in which Paulette, almost single-handedly fends off both greasy Mexicans and devious Japanese.

I thought the new, improved enemy were “terrorists” and the lunatic fringe was expecting them to come pouring across the Mexican border. Nope, it’s CHINESE COMMIES!

Major Linsey of the United States Army is a Major Wacko.

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