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Just because they’re paranoid…

27 July 2010

When it isn’t Iranians  disguised as Venezuelans disguised as Mexicans (damn tricky, those Persians) … or Mexican intellectuals it’s the damn Chinese.   It’s not the first time Asian hoardes  have invaded the American heartland… though usually it’s via Baja California. and not just popping in Nebraska.

Brad Reed (Crooks and Liars):

The bloodbath continues in America’s heartland and now word is coming in that the People’s Liberation Army, the highly trained killers on the payroll of the Communist Chinese government, have crossed into the United States by tunneling through the center of the Earth and have taken over at least two ranches in the Springview, Nebraska area. I am receiving word that the owners of the ranches have evacuated without being harmed.

Founder of the San Diego Minutemen Jeff Schwilk tipped me off to this story and passes along the following information on the location. Schwilk, you may remember, was the incredibly reliable source who tipped us off the this story about our Mexlamofascist overlords starting the reconquista of the Southwestern United States….


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