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HUH? FOX News — apparently Elana Poniatowska is going to invade Arizona… or something like that

24 May 2006

Links to racist hate sites like this: blahblahblah (verdana italic typeface)

In Mexico, my favorite TV show is Los Simpsons (who doesn’t love Los Simpsons?), which is produced by the U.S.’s Fox Network. One good thing about being in the U.S. is I can catch some other Fox comedies — Bill O’Reilly’s “No Spin Zone“, John Gibson (of “make more white babies or we’ll be overrun with brown ones” fame and “Your World With Neil Cavuto“.

Watching these programs requires a “willing suspension of disbelief” — you have to buy into the American Right, and their alternate universe where two opposite ideas coexist without, as on Star-Trek, destroying life as we know it.

On the one hand, the alternative reality folks tell us, “white Mexican elites” export their “problems” to the United States. On the other, those “elites” are planning to take back their problem (and add a bunch more). You see, it’s all a secret plan for the “Reconquista”

For those of you in the Real Mexico (and in the Real World) this is the ardent belief of tho residents of that alternative universe reality that Mexican plans to take over the territories ceded to the U.S. by the Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo. (Why not Spanish Louisiana , which once stretched as far as Manitoba?) .

While there is a group that Mexican authorities consider a possible right-wing foreign terrorists, and that talk about Reconquista, these U.S. based neo-fascists, like Aztlan (“brownshirts with brown skins,” as one friend called them) are tiny organizations that exist mostly on the internet, or in the nightmares of “white-wing” worriers (and the folks who they worry). I half suspect that at least half their alleged members and supports just enjoy scaring the bejeebus out of these folks. No one in the sanity-based world takes their aims very seriously.

By the way, these groups should NOT BE CONFUSED WITH THIS MERRY BAND OF RECONQUISTADORS — they have a sense of humor, which is to facists what water is to the Wicked Witch of the West.

In one variant of the theory, the Mexicans will join with the Yellow Hoardes of Asia to invade California, as in a 1915 Hearst produced serial starring Paulette Godard and reprised (as a theory — Paulette and William Randolf are both long gone) by a wacko U.S.Army Major last year.

Which brings me to another film director, Ron Maxwell. I never heard of him either — his film about the Battle of Gettysburg is praised by the Heritage Foundation, and other organizations unlikely to be heard of outside of wonky Republican circles or internet political blogs. Somehow, that makes him an expert on the Reconquista — he even wrote for the (offensive, but not officially racist) World Net Daily about it.

Which, in turn, brings me back to Fox News. While Vincente Fox blathered on (presumably in his slow norteño way — the sound was off) on one side of the screen, Neil Cavuto and Ron Maxwell chatted about the Reconquista on the other. According to Ron, it’s a common belief among “Mexican elites and intelletuals” that the Reconquista is real.

Prone to giving even complete morons the benefit of the doubt, I did a little googling on this. Carlos Fuentes, once talked about the Spanish language and Latin American culture shaping the United States. Carlos Monsivais during a 1999 talk mentioned that California was as much Mexican as anything else (which it is). But, really, have you ever met Carlos? He’s a pudgy, balding, near-sighted writer who ventures out to the Sandborn’s katty-corner from Chapultepec Park for his morning coffee before returning to the comforts of home, his beloved cats and his writing. Somehow I can’t see him leading the troops across the Rio Bravo del Norte.

Carlos Fuentes? He’s pushing 80, and frankly, he’s more at home in Washington or London than in Mexico.

Elena Poniatowska, maybe… having been born Princesa Hélène Elizabeth Louise Amélie Paula Dolores Poniatowska Amor, I guess she qualifies as one of those infamous “white elites”. She’s a bona fide intellectual and a tough broad. Even with those Polish and French warrior ancestors, I can’t image such a nice, quiet lady storming the gates of San Diego either.

SO… kids… who exactly are these Re-conquistadors? Anyway care to enlighten Neil Cavuto ?

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