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Good thing he’s not eating tortillas… yet!

3 February 2007

Weighing in at a 14.1 pounds (6.4 Kg), Super Toño, aka Antonio Vasconcelos Cruz, was delivered by C-section last Monday.  He is his mother’s second baby, and neither the mother, father nor older sister are particularly large people. 

Mexico has comprehensive pre-natal and neo-natal care (not perfect, but good).  Toño was born at the Jesús Kumate Rodríguez Hospital in Cancún, and automatically received Social Security medical coverage, as all Mexican newborns now do.  He’s apparently heathly (gaining 200 grams a day… yikes!), but is being kept for observation (and to give his mother a break) because of worries about higher than normal sugar levels. 

Alas for the Vasconcelos family, milk prices have also gone up in recent months, though parents (or guardians) of children are usually elgible for a milk allowance, though you have to bring your own plastic bucket (early in the morning, it seems every woman on the bus, and half the men are carrying a plastic pail to get their kid’s milk)… his mother may need a trash can. 

Looks like he’s already found a compade to hang with (photo, coutesy TerraCom) …

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