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The last round-up… Operation Wrangler RIP

3 February 2007

Gov. Goodhair’s 20-million dollar Operation Wrangler — with ELEVEN COMMAND CENTERS — and 640 National Guardsmen — and even the promise of protection from Illegal Arkansas Hillbillies… is DEAD.

Sig Christenson, Military Affairs writer for the San Antonio Express-News writes the obit… and catches the first turn in the spin cycle.

Touted nearly two weeks ago by Gov. Rick Perry as a continuation of Texas’ “steadfast efforts to prevent and disrupt criminal activity along the border region,” the operation has quietly ended, the San Antonio Express-News has learned.

Robert Black, a spokesman for Perry, said his office made no public announcement about Wrangler’s end in hopes of keeping would-be crooks off balance.

Wrangler involved 604 Texas Guard troops working in “security platoons” on patrol along the Rio Grande and elsewhere in the state as part of what Black called a “rolling surge.”

More than 6,800 people were involved in Wrangler, with personnel coming from the Guard, 133 police departments and 90 sheriff’s offices. The Texas Department of Public Safety, Parks and Wildlife Department and the U.S. Coast Guard also played roles.

The Texas Guard troops called up were in addition to 1,700 involved in Operation Jump Start, a program ordered last year by President Bush.

… in a news release issued as Wrangler began, Perry gave the impression it would run for an extended period. Citing the dangers of “an unsecured border” to the entire state, he said, “Until the federal government brings the necessary resources to bear, Texas will continue to do all we can to secure our border and protect our citizens.”

No word yet on survivors, or what this boondoggle cost the state… or what it accomplished, if anything.  The original press release (22 January 2007) from the Gov.’s office is here — I saved the page, expecting it’ll be edited sometime soon.  

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