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Aloha, Señor Perro…

16 February 2007

 (02-16) 05:13 PST GUADALAJARA, Mexico (AP) –A federal court has cleared the way for TV bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman to be extradited to face charges in Mexico, court officials said.Norma Jara, a spokeswoman for the second district court in Guadalajara, said the court rejected Chapman’s injunction request, ruling there was no reason not to try him with the charge of deprivation of liberty of Mexico.

“We only just heard about the Mexican court’s decision to continue with the extradition proceedings, and are still in shock,” Chapman and his wife, Beth, said in a statement issued Thursday night in Honolulu.

“Our attorneys have not even been formally informed of the court’s decision, as of yet,” they said. “We are obviously deeply disappointed and fearful of what will happen, and are currently absorbing the news and discussing our options at this time.”

Mexican authorities had already asked for Chapman’s extradition from Hawaii.

Chapman’s lawyers argued he would not be guaranteed a fair trial in Mexico, Jara said.

The charges against the 53-year-old star of the A&E reality series “Dog the Bounty Hunter” stem from his June 2003 capture of convicted rapist Andrew Luster, the Max Factor heir, in Puerto Vallarta, 210 miles west of Guadalajara.

Chapman was arrested Sept. 14 along with his son and another associate and released on $300,000 bail. He faces up to four years in a Mexican jail if convicted.

Luster’s capture shot the Honolulu-based bounty hunter to fame and led to the TV series. His disappearance set off an international manhunt by police, FBI and bounty hunters trying to recoup some of the bond money. Luster is serving a 124-year prison term.

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  1. 18 February 2007 1:21 pm

    I cannot believe the US Courts would allow this move. Dog did all of us a great justice on getting that pedifile off the streets of Mexico and the US. Let’s hope the Court of Appeals has a better judgement. Dog everyone I know is totally behind you and thank you and your family for the job you do. We are all praying for you.

  2. Deb Pearl permalink
    19 February 2007 2:17 pm

    I wish the best of luck and much love to the Chapman family. Win that appeal! If they stick it to the Dog, the US should start sending the illegal aliens home as they should be anyway. How would the Mexican govt. feel then as they are happy to get rid of those coming here.

  3. 19 February 2007 4:42 pm

    What part of “illegal” didn’t Chapman understand? As a kidnapper, he shouldn’t have been released on baja fianza in the first place. Interesting that a bail jumper is now asking for special consideration. Besides fucking up cooperation between the Mexican and U.S. law enforcement agencies, very nearly wrecking the chances of Luster’s conviction and breaking several immigration laws, he’s a “fine fellow”… too bad the dog is gonna be somebody’s “bitch” at the Reclusorio.

  4. dewey permalink
    22 February 2007 1:59 pm

    to richmx2… what part of “illegal” do YOU not understand???? U come here as an illegal don’t U?? Were you Andrew’s bitch boy??? Yeah, he’s a fine fellow when he’s under your sheets!!

  5. Face the music permalink
    13 April 2007 1:56 pm

    “It’s Luster’s fault”, “It’s the illegal Mexican aliens’ fault”, “It’s the U.S. and Mexican governments’ fault”, “It’s the judical systems’ fault”.

    Wrong. It’s nobody’s fault except the Chapmans’ for the spot they’re in today; had they had enough respect for (1) obeying the law of the country they were apprehended in (2) been responsible enough to respond and answer the charges in the Mexican court system – as they promised – upon release and (3) not been such hypocritical paragons of virtue by ignoring bail bond (Read: jumping), none of this would have ever gotten this far.

    We all know Luster is a creep and he’s serving time for his crimes… he had his day in court and it’s not Luster who’s on trial here… it’s the Chapmans who are facing and trying to avoid charges here, not Luster.

    That’s the real problem with vigilante justice… people take it upon themselves to ‘set the record straight’ and when they find out WHY they should have let things been done the proper/legal way – or stayed out of it altogether – they whine about the consequences they’ve brought upon themselves.

    The American style of Wild West justice may work in America, but the rest of the world operates differently and isn’t going to put up with it on their soil anymore. Let the Chapmans face the music just like any other American who knowingly breaks the laws of the land they’re in.

  6. DONNA RIDEOUT permalink
    16 July 2007 6:06 pm

    The ONLY reason Luster is SAFELY put away and doing his time is because of the risk Dog Chapman, Tim and Leland took to protect MANY other women AT ALL COST. How about accentuating the POSITIVE, and THANKING these men for the unknown women that were saved. IF the law MUST punish them………… about a fine, or some public service. I CANNOT believe you chose that Luster may still be walking around free…………..with all his weapons of female destruction right there in the back of his car!!!

  7. Face the music permalink
    30 January 2008 6:27 am

    Give it a rest, Donna. Not only has Dog & Co. been yanked from the airwaves (never to been seen again.. one can hope), but his true colours have been shown for all the world to see.

    I imagine superficial simpletons are incapable of seeing through Chapman’s public persona, but sooner or later, his charade is revealed to all.

    “Oh my GOODNESS; how was *I* supposed to know a convicted felon would turn out to be a liar, a bigot and a fugitive from justice?”

    Like I said, if it takes some dim-witted fluff-heads longer to catch on to his publicity-driven character, then that says more about their lack of judgement than it does Doggy’s lack of intelligence.

    MENSA material, he’s not. Frankly, it’s refreshing to see poetic justice in action.


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