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“Ya can parley with a Mescan, but ya’ can’t win” (John Wayne)

16 February 2007

When it’s “Xicanopwr” v “GayPatriot” it’s no contest. 

Aztlan Electronic News Service, as the name suggests, is simply a electronic news network focusing on Mexican-American and Latin immigrant affairs. runs a regular ad on the front page.  GayPatriot, besides being a nut, isn’t smart enough to figure out that the Aztlan’s Editor, Daniel Maldonado has a very common name.  He is no relation to the guy of the same name recently arrested as an alleged Al Queda terrorist.   

I’ve usually checked when there’s a common name involved.  Anybody with a sense of ethics would.  Aztlan Electronic News Service is not “Voz de Aztlan [racist web-site warning]” the notorious neo-fascist site.  My contempt for Latino homophobia and anti-semitism is matched only by my distaste for gay racists. 

Only a batshit crazy right-winger would ever take GayPatriot seriously, but there’s unfortunately more than a few of those loons out there.  At least one has tangled with the wrong hombre:

Edmundo rips the asshole a new one:

In order for the right wing to sustain their collective delusion, it seems, they must make shit up. For people who disliked the former Soviet Union, they really do enjoy using old Stalinistic tactics to get rid of their perceived enemies by tarring every opponent with broad accusation all for the “public good.” What do Latino immigrants have to do with Al-Qaeda? The answer is nothing at all! However, this is the same mental crap that is being peddled by the right-wing talking heads.

However, this is not new. This are the same tactics that were used by John Tanton, of US English and Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), to plant the seed for English only in the 1980s; and Glenn Spencer, of the American Patrol, used to plant La Reconquista – alleged plot to turn several American states into a Mexican state or some kind of puppet government controlled by Mexico – seed in the 1990s.

The gist of the anti-immigrant sentiment is that the newcomers are up to no good, they just want a handout, they have too many babies and they are hell-bent on contaminating our precious bodily fluids and, besides, you wouldn’t want your daughter to date one. In fact, the whole anti-immigrant sentiment is starting to turn out to be anti-Brown, where some state are creatively coming up with “anybody but Brown folk” laws.

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  1. el_longhorn permalink
    17 February 2007 10:41 pm

    Gay Patriot was a PowerLine blog of the week a while back. He is probably as blind as those three.


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