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A big day for a big guy

8 March 2007

Here’s what I like about Mexico.  Manuel doesn’t see himself as a freak… and his (not so small) triumph is an occasion for a good public party…

(translated from Juan Cedillo, in el Grafico):

MONTERREY, NL.-Drinking champagne, Manuel Uribe celebrated leaving his room for the first time in five years, as he cruised the streets of San Nicoláa in his wheeled bed.

Uribe, who is 41, weighs 540 kilos (1180 pounds), and is considered an medical anomoly. Despite his morbid obesity, he’s in good health and considerably slimmed down from his former 745 kilos (1640 pounds). 

Every medical textbook states that a person at his weight should have diabetes, high cholesterol and uric acid levels, as well as arterial hypertension. Uribe is otherwise in good health.

Manuel was able to leave his home with the help of a crane. His bed was mounted on a tractor tailer for his first expedition out of his house.

The tail car followed the tractor-bed as Manuel cruised the streets. He was accompanied by a mariachi band as Manuel “danced” — or at least moved in his bed, and waved to the people. Doctors, family members and his girlfriend celebrated the occasion with champagne.

The bed is covered with a blanket reading “Fundacíon Manuel Uribe” and an inscription in Spanish and English: If I can do you, so can you.

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  1. Karrie Walker permalink
    22 June 2007 11:47 am

    I think it is wonderful and I wish him all the best. Keep up the great work.

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