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Meet the Volks…

8 March 2007

I’m always surprised that the Germans are considered the best tourists in the world (Americans and Italians vie for #2… the British are at the bottom) …  Maybe they just enjoy getting away from a country where the buses run on a schedule timed to the second, or where the unwritten rule is “what is not explicitly allowed is forbidden.”  And, they like going to museums, and looking at “weird exotic foodstuffs” and well… seeing what’s NOT German. 

And, having spent the first half of the last century behaving in spectacularly bad fashion while in other countries, they tend to be on their best, politest behavior.

I suppose it’s no surprise then, that the #1 preferred vacation destination for Germans is … Mexico. 

The German Tourism Barometer shows Mexico first choice among German vacationers, ahead of such destinations as Italy and the Dominican Republic.

The Mayan Riviera, on the east coast, and Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific are the first preferences, according to the report.

The results of the Barometer, compiled by the German travel magazine, “Travel One” were announced this Thursday at the Berlin International Tourism Exhibition, one of the largest in the world of its type.

Interest in Mexico is being reinforced by an exhibition of Mayan Art which opens for a year long showing in Germany the 28th of this month, says José Ramírez, director of the Mexican tourism office in Germany.

The main attraction of the exhibition are a collection of Mayan pre-Hispanic Calakmul pieces which have never been seen outside the southeastern state of Campeche. The show is being mounted in Rosenheim and Hildeshem.

Exhibition curator Inés de Castro, estimates at least 200,000 Germans will view the exhibit.

Also, a delegation headed by Francisco López Mena, director of the Consejo Mexicano de Promoción spoke with, among others, representatives of TUI, Thomas Cook and TUI, the leading German tour operators.

The Consejo Mexicano director said tour promoters are seeking more information on Mexican destinations, which in turn will bring more German tourists to Mexico. López Mena worked the Mexican pavilion at the convention, along with representatives of 100 other Latin American tour business promoters.

The Tourist Barometer shows Italy, Bulgaria and the Dominican Republic come after Mexico among the favored locations for Germans. “Travel One” this year highlighted Puerto Vallarta, in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, as a seaside destination enjoying good air connections with Germany, though Lufthansa connections in Mexico City. e

Ramírez announced that West Indian based Martin Air, a partner of KLM, would be offering direct flights to Puerto Vallerta.

Ramírez said that Mexican tourism were a good opportunity for German vacationers to find the combination of sun, beach and cultural riches they seek.


Who’d a thunk it? 

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