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Friday Nite Video

16 March 2007

George W.’s Latin Express just don’t play that well anywhere in the Americas.  Even in Mexico.  But, in the spirit of Pan-American understanding, I’ll continue my “Friday Night Videos with another popular Latin star performer. 

Last week I ran Columbian singer Juanes.  This week I’m running a Venezualan performance artist.  While he’s thrilled audiences throughout Latin America, and filled stadiums to overflow capacity, you can see, even from this May 2006 rural performance, why he’s an international hit. 

One note of explanation, via Texas journalist Dick J. Reeves:

Mr. Danger is a long-standing figure in Venezuelan life, a character in a 1929 work, many times republished, by the novelist Rómulo Gallegos, who was also Venezuela’s first freely-elected president, brought down in a U.S.-backed 1948 military coup, ten months after he took office.

Gallegos introduced Mr. Danger in Doña Bárbara, a work that has been required reading in Venezuela’s secondary schools for forty years, ever since the return of electoral rule. In Gallegos’ novel, Danger is the exemplar of a type of American once common in rural Venezuela.

Having done my part to help George out, now you can return the patriotic favor, and help out the Mex Files.

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