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¡Feliz día de San Patricio!

17 March 2007



………………….. next door to English-speaking Protestants

(who occupied big chunks of the country) …

… and.. as a result, ended up living on remittances sent home by workers…

and spent their time in the movies drinking or singing

… and conquering John Wayne…

… where the Virgin Mary appears to Archbishop’s servants (Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin in December 1531 at Tepayac; Mary McLoughlin, August 1879, Knock, County Mayo) and regularly elsewhere…


… when they aren’t siring boxers…

Maybe the Mexicans are Irish. 

Who’s to say the country where the last Viceroy was Juan O’Donaju (“O’Donohue”), and one of the great Military units los San Patricios (led by Capitan, John Reilly), the first modern President an Obregón (who some claim was an O’Brian), and artists named O’Gorman and O’Higgins shouldn’t be celebrating today…

Saint Patrick drove the snakes of the Emerald Isle, though they are still seen after the Irish, in reverence to God, who invented whiskey to keep them from ruling the world, consume mass quantities in their local houses of worship, called “pubs.” 

The Mexicans, having only God’s ministers, the monks, to thank for Tequila, also give thanks to the creator in the local cantina.  But, they don’t need to consume HUGE quantities to see the snakes.

There’s no rainbow… and probably no pot of gold out here in the desert. Keep the Mex Files wearing green…

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