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Mexican Nazis, or just PAN at prayer?

19 June 2007

I have always been bothered by the misconception that PAN was a pro-democracy party, and that their victory in the 2000 Presidential election represented a forward movement for Mexico. First of all, it was the PRD that forced the country to open itself up politically, basically by trading off their “loss” in 1988 for political reforms.

PAN had been around since the 1930s, basically allowed to function to keep the reactionaries within the Mexican political system, and out of the guerrilla movements of the 1920s and early 30s. Being pro-heirachy and control-freaks (and anti-unionists to boot), naturally they appealed to the industrialists in the North, and when the democratic opening came in the 90s, were in a position to take advantage of it. With a healthy assist from the right-wing of the U.S. Republican Party (it was Jesse Helms of North Carolina who claimed Vicente Fox “ended 71 years of one-party rule” and Republican Party operatives who developed his U.S. style campaign) and Helms’ continual harping on every PAN loss as “proof” of PRI corruption (while ignoring things like the assassination of PRD organizers, or their election losses), PAN nearly became the main party in Mexico.

Like the far-right U.S. Republicans, they tended to overstep their mandate, and have been losing power, though they still control the administration (whether by honest close election or otherwise). Their fascist roots are no secret, though WE tend to ignore them. When Marta Sahagun de Fox was seriously mentioned as a Presidential candidate, U.S. reporters could only think of Hillary Clinton (a spouse with political ambitions), though Señora Fox — and everyone in Latin America — had another famous First Lady in mind… Eva Peron.

Marta’s so-called charity, “Vamos Mexico,” was openly modelled on Peron’s “Fundacion Eva Peron” — right down to the shakedowns, incessant propaganda and rampant corruption. As far as I can recall, the only charitable action (reported day after day after day… followed by commercials for Vamos Mexico) was to give bicycles to students in isolated rural areas. Mostly, it gave expensive gifts to its own leaders, spending more on administrative fees than it took in as reported donations.

If you look through the biographies of the Fox and Calderón cabinet secretaries, it’s surprising how many are either descendants of Porfirio Diaz-era landowners (Santiago Creel was a two-fer: a Creel, and a descendant of U.S. Grant) or from Synarchist families. I felt a little better about Felipe Calderón when I learned his own dad had quit PAN because of its Fascist tendencies, but the party still has more than its share of Synarchists, Francoists, ultra-montane Catholics and other odd rightists.

In a way, this article was no surprise. It’s long, and I didn’t so much translate it, as boil it down a little. It first appeared in the May 2007 Milenio Revista, and was reprinted by FLASCO Mexico

Supported by the Catholic ultra-right, Nazi and Fascist groups are growing in Mexico. Forced underground during the PRI era, they openly identify with the Felipe Calderón government and have taken to the streets to push their ideology…

In Mexico, Nazi and Fasicst moverments were in the hands of the Catholic ultra right – the old Cristero and Sinarquist movements, as well as Francoists. … According to reseacher Edgar González Ruiz, these groups make common cause with the Catholic hierachy, adding gay marriage and abortion legalization to what they claim is a “Jewish-Masonic plot”

Since the 1930s there have been extremist Catholics who found the totalitarian systems of Hitler, Benito Mussolini and especially Francisco Franco congenial to their own world-view. Adopting Hilter’s ideas to Latin America is not a new concept, González says, though joining in anti-gay and “right to life” demonstrations in support of the Church is a new role for the Nazis.

The Nazis themselves seem largely limited to the Internet. Mexican researchers have very information on neo-nazis within the country, and most organizations are unknown. The few known nazi sympathizers are mostly limited to web sites, featuring the expected attacks on abortion, lesbians, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the United States and Zionism.

Militants from the Partido Nacional Socialista (PNS) appeared on the streets of the Federal District during the recent debate over legalizing abortion. Overtly violent, they made common cause with the anti-abortion groups. UR, a non-catholic Fascist group going back to 1930s Italy, has joined pilgramages to the Basilica of Guadalupe, and has appeared at the Metropolitan Cathedral, as well as in the Federal District’s Legislative Assembly. UR members dress in white shirts and black pants, carrying what they way is a “celtic” cross, normally identified with the Ku-Klux-Klan.

Although claiming to be a non-Catholic group, its first appearance was at a recitation of the Rosary at a public “right to life” rally. The group attended a mass said by Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, during which they promenently flew their flag in the Basilica sanctuary.

The same flag was unfurled this past April 12, outside the Federal District Legislative Assembly. A right-wing activist and member of the Guardia Nacional Mexicana, was with the group, making death threats to Legislators if they voted to legalize abortion. De la Peña was denounced for these theats to the Federal Prosecutor, and PRD Deputy, Víctor Hugo Círigo, swore that the protestors were claiming the legislative vote was part of a “Jewish conspiracy.”

De la Peña may have been the total membership in the Guardia Nacional Mexicana, which hasn’t been heard of since he went underground. However, the UR has appeared at subsequent anti-abortion rallys in the Capital, and harassing Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social strikers (objecting to a new contract). They also have been shouting anti-semetic comments about IMSS director, Santiago Levy.

Much more wide-spread than Nazis or Fascists are Falagists, who take their cues from the Francisco Franco, and are associated with the most conservative forces in the Catholic Church.

Spanish Falangists in Mexico, together with the Sinarquists and members of various conservative Catholic movements were active members of PAN. PAN Secretary Carlos Abascal Carranza, and several business leaders active in the Party came out of these movements.There are a few other far-right groups, claiming ties to the Templars, the Knights of Malta and the Knights of Columbus, but the largest right-wing Catholic movement is the Francoist “ Movimiento de Cristo Rey” The group has four synarchist schools in Puebla, where they have held public receptions for José Luis Corral, the head of the Movimiento Católico Español and Acción Juvenil Español. Corral insisted to his audience on the need to political organize, gain power and write “Christian laws.”

Several participants at the event were wearing tee-shirts bearing Franciso Franco’s image, and photos of the Spanish dictator were promently displayed at the event.

Speaking in Cuernavaca, José Luis Corral told his audience that the Social Kingdom of Jesus Christ has a political dimension, and it is His will that countries with a Catholic majority (since as Spain and Mexico) are governed accordingly. He then called on the audience to organize and fight the state’s “unnatural” laws. A similar speech was later given in Toluca. In his Mexico City address, Corral assured his listeners that “Spain has destroyed the family, though divorce, free love, the gay agenda, pornography and immorality.”

For good measure, he added that “insecurity, terrorism, deliquency, domestic violence, abortion, drugs, euthanasia and the flag of the culture of death is worse than the Aztec Empire.”

Jorge Serrano Limón, Presidente of the ultra-right Provida, which has engaged in violent actions, claims he only knows about the Guardia Nacional Mexicana and similar groups from seeing them on television.

Serrano Limón speculates that these groups were set up by the PRD to discredit Catholics [Of course, Serrano Limón was also the guy who spent a government grant to promote birth-control on, tangas for himself and his male staff, that the “exposure” was a plot to discredit the Catholic Church, too — something the Milenio article didn’t bother to add, but I will.]

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  1. 3 September 2007 1:06 pm

    This is a very interesting post, so many people have forgotten where the PAN emrged from and when you have pople like Abascal proclaiming birth-control methods weapons of mass destruction, it does get very scary…yet I did find many errors in the translation…it should be cleaned up.

  2. Sergio permalink
    24 November 2007 6:45 am

    I was rather dissapointed by this commentary since it wasn’t well researched. To begin with, the PAN has been credited by many historians, especially Enrique Krauze, for being the political party that actually has championed the democratic cause throughout the PRI’s reign. The author of this article is wrong when he claims that the PRD started the movement in 1988, only because the PRD did not come into existance until 1989 and that their most important founders, Cuauhtémoc Cardenas and Munoz Ledo, were still members of the PRI up until 1987. The PAN actually started the movement towards democracy as early as 1983 when they started to win elections in the northern states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa.
    You should research the elections of Francisco Barrio and Luis Alvarez. Here, you see both the PAN and the Catholic Church set the stage for citizen participation, hunger strikes, and protests as a means of defending their democratic victory, years before the PRD.
    As so far as the PAN being a neo-Nazi party, that is wrong too. The UNS (Union Nacional Sinarquista) and the Partido Democrata Mexicano (PDM) were long associated with the neo-nazi movments of the 1930s and 1940s. This political party tended to attract people that were farther “right” than the PAN. Why you did not mention either of these two groups is what really undermines the credibility of your article. In fact, what is most interesting, is that when the PDM and UNS party lost its registration in 1997, most of its members actually joined the PRD and supported Cardenas’ campaign in 2000 since they did not agree with Vicente Fox’s campaign! (Maybe you should research their Partido Alianza Social).

    Sergio Robles

  3. 2 January 2008 9:39 pm

    My husband and I have been down in Oaxaca since September and we’ve been shocked to see images of neo-Nazism in some of the Zapotec villages around the city. We’ve seen a pick-up truck adorned with massive images of Hitler addressing crowds and we’ve seen young men with swastika tattoos. One of the Zapotec men working with my husband showed up to work with a swastika drawn on his hand. When my husband asked him about it, he told him it was a ‘symbol’ and that he was a Nazi. A Zapotec Nazi! It sounds insane, but it’s actually happening here.

    I don’t know if this is a result of the growing evangelist movement here, or if it is an import from the US, or if it is homegrown, but clearly it is a little shocking, and completely counter-intuitive, to see Nazi indígenas. Have you heard any other reports about this? Just curious!

    • Pablo permalink
      24 May 2015 11:33 am

      Please watch the movie “the greatest story never told” and for the first time in your life get a second opinion on history instead of being spoon fed govt issued history

  4. tagle permalink
    21 April 2010 1:22 pm

    Ha sido una desgracia la entrada del PAN al poder y continuidad del salinismo, a traves de sus mas profundos manipuladores, vease quien los puso a quien obedecen y quienes les obedecen, en suma Mexcio en desgracia, hasta que no se quite la plutocracia, por enriquecimiento ilicito y se les declare extinsion de dominio, habra quien lo haga?Consulta y observa padrejose_com_mx, zeitgeistmovie, chris hedges, Investiga y lee a bill maher, rachel maddow, abre los ojos

  5. forreal story permalink
    27 April 2010 12:50 pm

    This is a for real story search on the web for Chris Hedges, bill maher, padrejose, adn pay attention to whom they are realated with specially the last one,
    is mexico under fascism comming from spain or likewise, we do not know, but pay attetion to every expresident from spain and use and their business in mexico; you’ll be sorprissed

  6. pacisops permalink
    6 May 2010 1:21 pm

    You DO believe we americans are ingenuous?
    UN ‘Blue Heart’ Human Trafficking Campaign????
    google:: The Demons of Eden the Power That Protects Child Pornography
    Who are behind all of them?, Since when?, Is there any relation with catholic church? with government?
    read Conspiracy by Dan Brown
    google:: zeitgeistmovie
    google:: Chris Hedges


  7. Rickardo permalink
    27 July 2011 2:49 pm

    Hey are you gonna right about the evil socialists roots of the PRD And PRI, and how the communists killed 100 million people? How the leftists PRI tried to forcefully homogenize Mexico, established a one party dictatorship, oppressed freedom of religion, and stole people’s land.


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