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Still sexy at 50…

11 July 2007

They have forced mosques in the Ivory Coast to reschedule services, and led to an unofficial hour long daily truce in the Bosnian war. They earn more in foreign sales than the BBC does from all its products.

It’s the 50th anniversary of the telenovela. Since Silvia Derbez starred in Senda Prohibida in 1957 (that’s Silvia in Senda Prohibida at the right), the Mexican telenovela has gone on to conquer the world… and make Spanish the most popular foreign language in Israeli high schools — Rebelde created a huge demand for Israeli Spanish teachers.

Forget Gorbachev, Reagan, Pope John-Paul II. Verónica Castro and Rogelio Guerra conquered the Soviet Union. Los ricos también lloran introduced an alternative non-U.S., non-European bourgeois capitalist society to the Soviet Union. And the result was… dramatic, with a lot of plot twists!

By the way, the photo of Verónica Castro is from a Russian fan site… she is the most popular foreign actress in that country to this day (and was hired by Russian political parties to make pitches for candidates — never mind she can’t speak Russian and can’t vote there).

Having inspired similar productions throughout Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Africa, Eastern Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and Central Asia, how is Televisa going to mark the historic anniversary?

What’s the latest plot twist? Televisa is producing a historical telenovela … about telenovelas.

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  1. Sasha permalink
    14 September 2020 10:07 am

    That is not Veronica Castro thats a picture of the actress Joan Collins, they look very similar though

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