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If there’s a mojado in your hedge-row don’t be alarmed now

1 August 2007

Cindy, Carlos and Daniel at Guanabe report on a serious proposal in a less than serious manner.

The Environment Department of Mexico has released a report asking the United States to think twice about helpless migratory species before going forward with its proposal to erect a 370 mile super-barrier along the border. (To clarify, said migrant species do not include the homo undocumentado.) Government environmentalists have outlined measures like live cactus fences, removable fences, and permeable fences to allow the following things to cross the border without admitting those pesky humans: water, insects, pollen, jaguars, black bears, and the highly endangered Sonora Pronghorn.

There already is something of an environ-wall down this way, though, and we really don’t need to import security guys:

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  1. 2 August 2007 8:37 am

    Thanks for the Guanabee shout-out. As you can tell, we never like to take immigration matters too seriously. Especially when they involve pollen.

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