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Pricks in Zacatecas

1 August 2007

Mexico always had more Asian influence than people realize. We forget that the Philippines were part of Mexico for a time and that there have been Chinese living in Mexico City since the late 1500s. There are sizable Chinese, Japanese and Korean communities (the latter is split between the Mexican-Koreans who are just Mexicans and the Korean-Koreans, who aren’t exactly popular). But this is the first I’ve heard of “the special relationship Viet Nam shares with Mexico”.

About the only Vietnamese influence I’ve run into in Mexico City anyway are a few aging U.S. war resisters who received political asylum way back and the “Clínica de la Acupuntura Ho Chi Minh” in n Colonia San Rafael.

Can Phở Poblano be far behind?

HA NOI — Viet Nam and Mexico inked an agreement in Ha Noi yesterday to develop acupuncture education and exchange between the two countries.

The plan, which will see Viet Nam help train Mexican doctors in acupuncture and set up a drug rehabilitation centre in Zacatecas, was signed by Director of the National Hospital of Acupuncture Nghiem Huu Thanh and Rector of the Zacatecas Autonomous University, Mexico Alfredo Femat Banuelo.

Also on the agenda is an international conference aimed at bringing acupuncture to a wider audience and discussing techniques. The conference will be held for the first time in Zacatecas this November with the support of Viet Nam Acupuncture Association and the National Hospital of Acupuncture.

The contributions of the Viet Nam Acupuncture Centre in the Zacatecas Autonomous University pointed to the special relationship Viet Nam shares with Mexico, rector Banuelo said at the signing ceremony.

According to statistics from the National Hospital of Acupuncture, nearly 50 Vietnamese doctors have come to work in Mexico, providing acupuncture treatment for 12,000 Mexican patients so far. With the support of Vietnamese experts, 17 Mexican masters in acupuncture have been trained at Zacatecas University.

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  1. 5 August 2007 1:07 am

    This is intriguing. I did not not that there was such a strong Asian influence in Mexico.

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