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Some good news for a change

7 August 2007

Not exactly a “made for TV movie” ending, but I hope a made for a very large legal settlement ending…

Sam Quinones, LA Times:

A developmentally disabled U.S. citizen who was in the custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department before he disappeared after wrongly being deported to Mexico earlier this year has been found, officials said today.

Pedro Guzman, 29, … is mildly mentally disabled and cannot read or write. He was arrested this year on charges of trespassing and allegedly spraying graffiti at an airplane junkyard


… on May 11, before his sentence was up, he called relatives from Tijuana and told them he had been deported.

… U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials denied that anything improper was done in deporting Guzman.

His mother, Maria Carbajal, a fast-food cook, left her job and lived at a fruit warehouse in Tijuana for weeks, spending the last of her savings looking for her son. …

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