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The foreign terrorists in Latin America are… Irish?

17 April 2009

Updates in boldface.  I’ve been linked as a source plagiarized by the highly unreliable, and factually challenged Marc Chamot Report [see note at end].

Although right-wing terrorism, and the denial that it exists, are semi-hot topics in the United States, it’s a much more serious reality in Latin America than theoretical MOOSLEM TERRORISTS.

Via Inca Kola News comes a report of an attempted assassination attempt on Bolivian President Evo Morales.   Bina, at News of the Restless translated several reports from Bolivia’s ABI which fill in more information.  From what is known, it appears there was a terrorist cell — including Europeans (some reports say Hungarians, others Romanians, and still others Croatians)– operating in Santa Cruz, where the U.S. Embassy was unwisely supporting what appeared to be a fascist group seeking to foment an secessionist movement in the region.  Whether these were hired guns or an organized terrorist group isn’t clear yet.  Santa Cruz secession was largely funded and led by Bolivians of Croatian and East European extraction, who may still have ties to the “old country”.*

To add confusion to what we know, a few days ago, someone tried to blow up the Cardinal of Santa Cruz’ home (His Eminence was unharmed, but the poor guy is recovering from heart surgery and didn’t need the excitement).  The Cardinal is not a supporter of Evo Morales, but of his opponents.  This group was supposedly responsible for the attack on the Cardinal’s home.

Predictably — the far-right in Santa Cruz is trying to suggest that the terrorist reports were phony, though Bolivian officials showed the explosives, weapons and dead Irishman, another foreigner and a Bolivian.  Others of various nationalities are said to be in custody.

The Irishman, now ready to be planed under the old sod  is named Michael Dwyer.  I thought right-wing militias were a U.S. thing, but apparently not.  The Irish Times is reporting that Ireland’s Foreign Ministry is investigating, but does not identify Dwyer.   Dwyer’s website (on a Bebo page — the AOL version of Facebook) which includes several photos on him in Bolivia, lists  friends and associates in various Irish paramilitary “clubs” that may be of interest to the Foreign Ministry and  international law enforcement people.

Conor Lally, Tom Hennigan and Michael Parsons, who are covering this for the Irish Times, in an article detailing the predictable response of Dwyer’s friends (basically, claiming he’s a nice guy, and couldn’t have been involved with a terrorist organization, and that “A member of the family of Michael Dwyer (25), from Ballinderry, near Borrisokane, Co Tipperary, confirmed last night that he had died in unexplained circumstances while travelling in Bolivia”, drops in this possible bombshell:

It is understood some of the group had been working in private security in the US.

I sent the reporters an e-mail, asking if they had any more information on the “security company” connection, but don’t expect to hear anything until Monday at the earliest.

* A weird post-script.  The Miami Herald, which only claims there was an “Alleged Plot” , had a comment on the story by someone calling himself exelero”.  Exelero makes some oddball claims — that the dead Irish guy was a boytoy for the Bolivian leader (from the Irish guy’s site, it’s pretty clear he was straight… but who can say? — which don’t make sense.  “Exelero” linked to a Bolivian website, that referenced a Hungarian-language website about the Bolivian killed in the police attack, Eduardo Rozsa Flores.  Rozsa Flores was a journalist (of a sort) who joined the Croatian Army during the Croatian-Serbian War, and had a blog, variously in Hungarian, English and Spanish.  It appears Rozsa was a Muslim convert, though it’s hard to tell whether he was pro-Muslim, or just anti-Israeli.  The side links seem to be for far right-wing sites, though the English-language articles are from “leftist” and progressive organizations.

Sabina, at News of the Restless, with better access to Hungarian and Croatian speakers, dug up more reliable information on Rozsa than I could, and I’d suggest checking her post on his  background shady background and activities in Bolivia and Europe.

The Muslim ties don’t seem that strong, but it’s worth noting that the Bolivian leader also had east European ties to extreme rightist organizations.

Mark Chamot Report readers:

Chamot seems to be under the impression that suggesting that law enforcement people contact Dwyer’s friends listed on his Bebo page (especially those from the Galway war games club he belonged to) during the investigation Chamot took to mean there was confirmation of an internet terrorism cell.  The Bebo page has since been taken private, but apparently there is also a Facebook page, which included photos of Dwyer in combat fatigues, from his “combat adventure sports” activities.

Chamot — like most far right wing “fair and balanced” types, is an blithering idiot and a self-aggrandizing fool.  He claims connections with a number of reputable “mainstream media” organizations, and claims to have been praised by “Daily Kos” (and a number of obscure, unknown far right commentary sites), but what seems to be implied is some comment on one of those mainstream sites (or on Kos) mentioned him. This is worse than unethical, it’s a blunder.

The real tip-off is that Chamot uses the sad case of Pedro Guzman (the mentally retarded U.S. citizen — by birth, I might add — who was “deported” to Mexico and was finally tracked down by his mother (with no help from the United States government) living on the streets of Tijuana to illustrate his contention that IMMIGRANTS need to learn English.  Guzman, once again, was born in the United States, is mentally retarded and from a part of the U.S. where a minority language is spoken.

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  1. Jack B permalink
    17 April 2009 1:59 pm

    Irish paramilitary links to Latin America aren’t new

  2. 20 April 2009 7:48 pm

    I’d like to make clear, in case anyone’s confused, that I don’t speak Hungarian or Serbo-Croat, although my late grandfather did–enough to get by, I imagine, but not like a native. He didn’t pass his knowledge on to me, unfortunately (although I’m sure I could pick it up; I’m a whiz with languages). The info I got was from a Hungarian commenter who just happened to be passing through–apparently looking for stories on the Hungarians in the conspiracy. But from what I saw on Flores’ blog, which the commenter linked, one doesn’t need any knowledge of Hungarian to understand that this was one messed-up dude. He had Cruceñista logos all over the place, and that’s the racist right-wing neofascist sector that follows Branko Marinkovic, the infamous ex-Croat and largest landowner in Bolivia. I’m pretty sure that Branko will turn out to be this cell’s financier/employer (or one of them!), but I will wait on the investigation to run its course just the same. He’s under the microscope, and that’s just where he belongs.

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