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2007: Up in smoke

30 December 2007


Manuel Peleáz took this photo of 23 metric tons of Colombian cocaine being destroyed (“decommissioned” is the preferred bureaucratic term) last October in Manzanillo.  Transporting cocaine from U.S. ally Colombia to U.S. consumers probably is about as dangerous as mining or logging, but industrial accidents in the narcotics industry tend to grab your attention.  The military option favored by the Calderón administration, and its fallout,  has led to the death of 2,500 Mexicans this past year.

As of July, restaurants and bars had to provide non-smoking sections in the Federal District.  Given Mexico’s libertarian streak (and the fact that 20% of Mexican adults are smokers), it’ll be a while before we see any results from this initiative.  More practical anti-pollution measures like new bus and Metro routes — and the once a month biking bureaucrats rule are more likely to have an effect.  Question… can a bureaucrat still smoke while he’s riding his bike to work?

Gay marriage became a reality in February, when Coahuila finally got around to legalizing them.  Nothing much happened as a result:  no whiff of brimstone, no rain of hellfire.  And no nonsense about “Defense of Marriage” and “states’ rights” in Mexico.  One state’s marriage laws are as good as another.  The Federal District passed a domestic partnership law late last year, but D.F. is not — yet — a state.

Panamanian-born Miss USA managed to alienate everyone in Mexico.  When she was boo-ed after falling on her ass during the beauty pageant, right-wingers in the U.S. tried to make it a “racial” issue.  The Mexicans liked Miss Japan (the winner) and the issue never caught fire.

And Oaxaca continues to simmer.

The fire this time is gonna be after the first of the year, when corporate grown, U.S. subsidized corn will be allowed into Mexico.

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