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The perils of writing history

30 December 2007

DAMN! I just got the proofs of my Mexican history off to the publisher and some archeologist has to butt in:

The uncovering of an 800-year-old pyramid built by the Aztecs in what is now central Mexico City seems to indicate that the ancient settlement is at least 100 years older than was previously believed.

The 36-feet-high ruins were discovered in the Tlatelolco area, which was once a focal point of Aztec culture. Historians had long believed that the Aztecs founded Tlatelolco at the same time as its ancient twin city, nearby Tenochtitlan.

However, the newly discovered pyramid suggests that the Mexico City area was being developed by the Aztecs as early as 1100. “The (Aztec) timeline is going to need to be revised,” said an archaeologist who participated in the research.

I’ll wait til the first edition comes out before I start a second one…  Porfirio Díaz was right — again:

Nothing happens in México… until it happens.

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