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9 February 2008

Brenda Norrell at Narconews reports on two wee problems with el Muro Grande…

Residents here (Nogales, Sonora)say the U.S. border wall construction has intruded twenty meters onto Mexico’s land …

It’s a meandering article (who am I to talk?), but then, she has to quote bureaucrats, and they do tend to wander about the suburbs of veracity…

Although recent reports said the border spy towers are now functioning, those reports were not accurate.

Homeland Security Department has determined that it needs to develop better software and perform additional tests on the initial 28-mile segment of the SBInet border surveillance system, a department spokeswoman said.

“The additional round of testing is the most recent glitch in getting the potentially $30 billion U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada border surveillance system up and running. Boeing was awarded the prime contract in September 2006 and began work on the $20 million initial task order for Project 28, installing towers, cameras, sensors and communications equipment,” Lipowicz.

”On Monday, Secretary Michael Chertoff said he is requesting $775 million for SBInet in fiscal 2009.

“The department also recently awarded a $64 million task order to Boeing to develop a common operational picture for SBInet. A common operational picture is a single, relevant display of information that can be used by more than one group.”

Now, wouldn’t it be interesting if the builders of this idiotic project were arrested by the Mexicans for illegal entry? Too bad that 775 million dollar spy system apparently won’t be capturing it for posterity. Maybe someone can just upload it to youtube.

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