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Downsizing the police

9 February 2008

From Vivarlatino:

In Aguascalientes, Mexico, cops have a problem. It’s not low pay, or even violence, but rather big old panzas. That’s why the city is providing the policias with an attractive incentive: lose weight and get paid.

A city spokesperson for Aguascalientes said that 35% of the 3000 police officers in the city are an average of 20 kilos [44 lbs.] overweight.

They will pay 100 pesos (about $10) for each kilogram that they lose, which means that will be able to receive 2000 pesos (200 dollars) once they manage to eliminate the excess weight,” said the source.

The city is concerned that obese cops have a really hard time participating in chases, and to that end, want officers to stop eating the “T” diet: tortillas, tamales and tortas.

In other police news, Mexico City (which has been weeding out fat coppers for the last couple of years) dedicated a new building today that probably won’t be on anyone’s tourist itinerary: a state of the art CSI lab and morgue. The 157.5 million peso facility — besides all the cool CSI stuff and a genetics lab — has space for 150 guests at a time. In a pinch, there is storage space for up to 250 cadavers … as long as they aren’t fat cops from Aguascalientes, I suppose.

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