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Unthinkable in the Americas?

11 February 2008


Maria Esthella Martinez de Peron, Argentina (1974-79)


Lidia Gueler Tejada, Bolivia (1979-1980)


Violetta Barrios de Chamorro, Nicaragua (1999-1997)


Mireya Moscosa Rodríguez de Aria, Panama (1999-2004)


Michelle Bachelet Jeria, Chile (2006-)


Christia Fernandez de Kirchner, Argentina (2007-)


USA (2008)

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  1. EYES OF TEXAS permalink
    12 February 2008 9:40 am

    Not so unthinkable because of her gender, but because of her socialistic plans for America. Example is her proposed health care program. She has stated if an individual refuses to sign up and pay whatever price has been set for enrollment, the individual will have that amount garnished from their paycheck and be automatically enrolled. So much for freedom of choice. Most of her approach to solving problems is more government involvement at the cost of the working class by higher taxation. Don’t be sucked in by all her fanciful promises because her record shows she is a liar of the same mold as her husband. It’s all about having power to the Clintons and not so much about watching out for citizens.

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