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Congratulations to Laura Martinez!

4 April 2008

I should be jealous, but Martinez’ “Mi blog es tu blog” is the best — if not the best — Mexican cultural/news blog in English (Maybe I’m in the top ten in the sub-genre of Mexican cultural/news blogs written by foreigners… but I resort of titles using words like “Donkey Show” or “Nude Gay Mexican” to pump up the hits).

Her  little post on the Absolut Vodka ad that appeared in  Quién magazine (mandatory reading for wannabe “juniors” and… no one else) IN ENGLISH touched off a nerve with the batshit crazy right-wing gringos.  Michelle Malkin took the whole thing seriously, and the crazies are off to the races.  Last I checked, Laura had over 130 comments — mostly crazies talking about “the third world shithole taking over California” — on her post.  And the crazies are all talking about a “boycott” of Absolut.”  Hilarious!

As long as they spell your name right, all publicity is good publicity.  I hope this brings here many more readers, maybe some of whom will be teachable.

Genuine psycho-ravings from Wing Nut Daily:


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  1. Iman Azol permalink
    6 May 2008 9:16 am

    Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t her “Straighten out the border once and for all” comment (paraphrased) an endorsement of the Aztlan concept you derided as “myth”?

    Hypocritical, blind, or just stupid?


  1. » “Absolut” Madness - By ¡Para Justicia y Libertad!

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