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Has Elba Esther been in Campeche?

4 April 2008

Francisco Ynurreta, in today’s El Grafico:

CAMPECHE, Camp.— Chupacabras have reappeared in the municipality of Champotón, leaving behind eight dead hens and a turkey, as well as a blood-drained rooster, who survived, at the home of Aurelio Tamay.

The fowl were inside a henhouse, and what – or how – entered is ununknown, as is the way it succeeded in draining the animal’s blood.

Tamay said that he heard an commotion from the fowl, and a low roar on his patio early Sunday morning, and went to investigate.  In the shadows, he saw an animal of “strage form” slinking away.   

Neighbors believe the attacks were the work of a chupacabra, based on the similiarity to attacks on other fowl and animal slaughters going back several years in other parts of the country.  

Worried by the event, several locals formed a posse to search the city, without results.

The incident occured at the Tamay Ac family home, between 18th and 19th streets in Colonia La Playa, Champotón.  There was no explanation of why the rooster survived the attack.  

Tamay insisted he heard the animal screams and the roars, then say the strange animal.  Later he discovered his birds killed and drained of their blood.  

For now, all his birds and animals are staying in his house, and a street brigade is patrolling at night armed with clubs and machetes.  


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