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Another day in paradise…

21 April 2008

Our local gangsters must be on vacation. Other than a wannabe meth dealer getting himself stabbed during a robbery, this was all we had in the way of juicy crimes in this morning’s “Noroeste.” Worth translating for the “literary” quality of good provincial crime reporting , it’s also a reminder that with tourist season drawing to a close, we’re all getting a bit testy… and, with the added ingredient of copious quantities of beer, even in Sinaloa we have our normal, stupid crimes.

MAZATLÁN (IONSA). _ A Colonia Ricardo Magón Flores youth who presumably was one of the company of several subjects who struck four people defending themselves in a Zona Dorada bar was detained by private security guards and turned over to municipal police personnel.

Police spokesmen said the detainee was one Juan Manual Alvarez Astorga, an 18 year old living on Amapola street.

The subject was arrested 01:15 hours, soon after he presumably grabbed a beer belonging to one of four people from the Federal District who were partying inside the Bora Bora club, located at the corner of Camarón Sábalo y Rafael Buelna.

When they protested about the abuse, Alvarez Astorga — joined by at least eight other guys — commenced to attack the tourists, who were assisted by the establishment’s security personnel. The uniformed guards managed to subdue Alvarez Astorga, who apparently had initiated the aggression against the aggrieved patrons, one of which was, with considerable injuries, transferred to the Balboa Clinic emergency room, where he was admitted.

The detainee was turned over to the municipal authorities, who in turn placed him at the disposition of agents of the Public Ministry, who have taken charge of the judicial situation of the detainee.

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