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So, where will George W. go when he retires?

21 April 2008

I expect we’ll be hearing some more about the Bush famil y’s 98,000 acre spread in Paraguay in the coming months. Neil Bush (last month) and First Drunk Daughter Jenna (in October 2006) both made mysterious trips to the otherwise forgotten country in recent months.

Down With Tyranny has been one of the few widely read news blogs to follow the story, and actually went to Paraguay to investigate:

…I was hoping to track down the humongous Bush estate in the most remote part of Latin America’s least known country. I never did manage to get anywhere near the Bush estate– it was meant to be remote for a reason and the only way to get there is by private plane and then you need permission to land on their airstrip– but I did take note of a certain backwardness that might make it very alluring not just to Bush but to many of the potential war crimes defendants from his regime. They were actually selling Nazi memorabilia on the streets of Asuncion.

Well, Paraguay is in the news this morning– and not in a way likely to please the Bushes. The fascistic-oriented ruling party was deposed yesterday. Fernando Lugo, a former Roman Catholic Bishop– the “bishop of the poor”– and the leader of a left-of-center coalition of unions, Indians and poor farmers, beat Blanca Ovelar, who headed the very corrupt far right Colorado Party, widely considered to be in Bush’s pocket.

President-Elect Lugo, and his party, are promising to redistribute land in the last country in Latin America (like the United States, most agricultural land is held by corporate interests. Unlike the U.S., most Paraguayans are farmers). The Bush family lands are said to be investments in soya (Paraguay’s largest legal export) though there are rumors the Bush’s were interested in capturing water drilling rights in expectation that neo-liberal policies in the Southern Cone would lead to privatizing water distribution within those countries. However, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and Uruguay have all elected social democratic leaders who have rejected neo-liberalism, leaving Paraguay as the last hope for making a fortune from these privatized natural resources.

Then again, maybe some of the more sinister suggestions about the Bush compound are true, and water isn’t their main concern. Paraguay was, of course, best known as the refuge of Nazi war criminals and other nasty types. There are those who believe the Bushs are planning for their eventual exile somewhere beyond the jurisdiction of the United States and international courts. If even slightly true, the Bushs may have to start asking “Is it safe?” before they pack their bags.

Fernando Lugo’s election in Paraguay is also more proof, if any is needed, of my own hare-brained theory that the Bush family are working for Castro... think of it. Since Chinese Commie lovin’ George W. Bush was “elected” — with the help of Cubans in Florida (where his brother was conveniently Governor), Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, ,Panama ,Nicaragua, Suriname, Venezuela and Uruguay, have all moved to the left. the fractured Mexican left united — and Bush’s handler, Fidel Castro, having achieved his goal of a leftist Latin America, could finally retire.

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  1. 23 April 2008 2:33 pm

    I think that he will stay in Crawford. As much as people hate GW, he was probobly one of the most Mexican friendly presidents in our history. Political pressure from his own party lead him astray from his plans for a guest worker program and better trade deals with Mexico like the crazy kookery over the Trans Texas Coridore. Sadly, too many Anglos and now Blacks (thanks Vincente Fox) fear cheap, hard working, and reliable Mexican labor.

    • 16 March 2012 10:14 pm

      OMG, I wish I had seen this blog entry in 2008.

      Those of us who suffered under Bush for his years as Texas “governor” (puppet of his dad’s friends, re: Enron, Baker-Botts, Carlisle Group, et al) knew he would never stay in Crawford.

      Crawford was a set for a play for Bush as much as any Hollywood backlot was for Reagan. Crawford was a place for Bush – a physical coward and afraid of horses – to play cowboy.

      We knew he’d never stay there once out of the White House and have been proven right. He dwells in an exclusive enclave of rich white Republicans (redundant?) in Dallas with shopping (his most famous recommendation to Americans in the face of disaster) and fine dining.

      Crawford? Not a chance!

  2. 23 April 2008 9:38 pm

    OMG, I have been wondering when more would be said about the Bush/Paraguay connection.

    “There are those who believe the Bushs are planning for their eventual exile somewhere beyond the jurisdiction of the United States and international courts.”

    It will be interesting to see what happens there in the next few years, and why that property was bought, and if it works out well for them.

    Steve Gallagher

  3. 16 March 2012 10:10 pm



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