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Pinche frijolero Friday Night Video

27 June 2008

MATAMOROS, México 26-June 2008  (AFP) – The Mexican rock group, Molotov, is the center of a controversy between its fans and the most conservative sectors of Matamoros, on the border of the United States. Church and educational authorities are asking youths not to attend the group’s upcoming concert.

If you go, it will be on your concience,” warns parish priest Margarito Cepeda.

The state Secretary of Education, Oralia Vázquez, said she thinks Molotov’s music is “for idiots.”

In lieu of attending the July 4 concert at Auditorio Municipal, Vazquez invited youths to attend a theatrical performance the same day which will present an estudiantil performance. [Estudaintiles are traditional performing groups, with guitars and cellos, dressed in 18th century costumes who perform traditional and religious music].

That’s a show the whole family can enjoy,” she ventures.

In 1997, the then municipal adminstration gave into pressures from the Dioceses of Matamoros and cancelled a Molotov concert after listening to lyrics from “¿Dónde jugarán las niñas?”.

The lyrics — “Hay que arrancar el problema de raíz y cambiar el gobierno de nuestro país/ A la gente que está en la burocracia, a esa gente que le gustan las migajas”, (loosely“They think they’ll settle the problems of our race, by putting a new government in its place/the people who run the bureaucracy, are the people who want us just to leave”) satirize the attitudes of North Americans towards Mexicans living in the United States.

In response to the educational and religious authorities, a group of Matamoros youths have begun distributing fliers in favor of Molotov.

Including, according to AFP, lyrics from this borderlands classic:

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  1. 28 June 2008 4:10 pm

    Why would the people of Matamoros hate her? What was she criticizing? The Bush administration tried to allow more guest workers to enter legally, but you remember how that turned out for him. Republicans are now finding their collective butts out of office if they are pro-immigrant. It doesn’t matter how “Conservative” they are either.
    Just ask ousted Republican from Utah Chriss Cannon, who scored almost perfectly on the American Conservative Union test. He was defeated in the Republican Primary.

    Apparently it is nearly impossible to be pro-immigrant and Republican. Even the most Libertarian of Republicans (Congressman Ron Paul of Texas), is an anti-immigration kook.

    Is there a political force in Mexico that seeks to erect a wall on the Northern border to keep Mestizos in Mexico and out of the US? Or is there a different problem with this artist that I am not seeing outlined by the journalist?

    Illegal immigration is a big-time class warfare issue in the US and other parts of the world as well. Democrats once used it to promote it as an issue to rally against NAFTA. For some reason Republicans are using it to rally people who are otherwise free-trade capitalists to support a psuedo-socialist stance that your job can actually be “stolen”.

    I often ask people if a fellow American White, Black, Brown, or Yellow skinned (sounds racist, but ethnicity not with standing, I think it is better to focus on skin color than where they or their parents were born) legal citizen is hired ahead of you, if they would still consider their job to have been “stolen” from them.

    Since when is capitalism theft? I guess when you believe that everything should be handed down to you even if you didn’t earn it. No one focuses on the legitamate reasons to be against illegal immigration. (socialism for non-citizens, socialist laws like minimum wage, language laws that favor Spanish over foriegn languages, and the possibility that some immigrants were criminals in their home country and would continue to be one in the US)

    To tell what side that an American is on, ask them the simple question of: “Do you think that it is possible for a job to be stolen?”
    If they say yes, then their stance is based on socialist class warfare and possibly even nationalistic prejudice (racism).

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