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How long has this been goin’ on?

28 June 2008

Daniel Hernandez (Intersections) caught this eye-catching family portrait, one of a series under the title “Familias Mexicanas” now at the Centro Medico Metro Station. As Daniel writes

The metro in D.F. is truly the working citizen’s art museum. Many stations feature permanent murals and sculptures or pre-Hispanic artifacts, such as the Ehecatl pyramid that sits in the middle of metro Pino Suarez. There are also temporary exhibits.

Mexico City is fast gaining a reputation as one of the major centers of the world for cutting-edge art exhibits.

Such is life in the new Mexico City. A decade ago, such a heavy-hitting lineup of openings would have seemed incredible in a sprawling metropolis that is known more for its smog and crime — both of which are still omnipresent. But now the contemporary art scene has matured into one that’s so firmly international that such art-studded evenings are par for the course. And frankly, it’s a lot more fun than its counterparts in the northern art capitals like New York City and London.

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