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May the best wall win

28 June 2008

From the Edinburg (Scotland) Evening News:

THE first of 400,000 trees are being planted to form a “green wall” in protest at the fence the US is building along the border between Mexicoand Texas The treeline will eventually stretch for 318 miles.

Coahuila Governor Humberto Moreira Valdes says “our wall is of life, and it competes with shame and hate.”

This actually isn’t a “new” idea… it was discussed two years ago. And, for bonus points, Mexican policy is to plant more trees throughout the country, so another 400,000 are a welcome addition.

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  1. 1 July 2008 3:49 pm

    When is Mexico going to open their southern border? When is Mexico going to stop arreasting and deporting their illegal immigrants from other Spanish speaking countries who attempt to live and work illegally in Mexico? When is Mexico going to improve conditions in Mexico to the point that people will not want to leave? When will Mexico allow foreigners to purchase and own land along the coast? Why is the Mexican government so willing to let their own people leave? Is it not embarrassing to them at all?


  1. Heating up the immigration crisis « The Mex Files

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