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They’re not impressed (Plan Merida)

28 July 2008

While it’s political agenda is appalling (it is connected with an organization called “National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers,” which doesn’t seem to be a retiree’s club, as the name suggests, but an anti-immigrantion … and specifically anti-Mexican… organization),  I’m finding their “M3 Report” a useful resource for translations from the Mexican press.  Normally, it’s the crime news (seemingly to give the impression that Mexican criminals are COMING OUR WAY!!!!), but every once in a while something interesting pops up.

El Universal (Mexico City)  7/25/08

headline: ” Immigration policy criticized in front of U.S. militaries “ (entire article transl.)

Federal deputies (read: congressmen) questioned the insensitivity and harshness of the American government immigration policy in front of the chiefs of the North Command (General Victor Renuart) and Southern Command (Admiral James Stavidris), by pointing out that for every three Mexicans deported because of their illegal status, one minor stayed abandoned in American territory.

PRI Party member Edmundo Ramirez Martinez said to them, these children are mostly citizens of that country and on average every year 75 thousand minors who are citizens are abandoned due to the immigration policies of the White House, while some 25 thousand Mexican minors suffer the same situation due to the deportations.

The legislator added “If this doesn’t tell you anything, doesn’t move you to reflect, then it means that you don’t care much about the fate of the children who are American citizens and this is grave.”

“It seems to me that this caused them annoyance; they didn’t like this criticism and we could see it right away”, said the deputy in an interview.

Edmundo Ramirez warned that in this context previous to the start of the Merida Initiative, “President Calderon cannot fall into the temptation of reaching accords with these military proposals without consulting with the Legislative Power, since this would be very delicate.”

The PRI Party member was part of a group of nine federal deputies which the North Command invited, by means of the Embassy of the United States, to a roundtable  about the role and objectives of the Command, although various topics of interest of the U.S. military chiefs and of the Mexican government were addressed.

Weapons traffic was another of the topics mentioned. Deputy Edmundo Ramirez pointed out that according to official sources from both countries there are at least 12 thousand weapons sales locales on the U.S. border with Mexico.

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