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Well, well…

28 July 2008

Whatever else happens, PEMEX will continue to use some foreign service contracts, or so it appears.  I don’t know any more about this than what’s in this short item from Friday’s Houston Chronicle:

Petróleos Mexicanos will pay $484,000 a day to Noble Corp. for an oil rig that will allow the company to drill in waters up to 7,000 feet deep for the first time.

Pemex, as Mexico’s state oil company is known, will take delivery of the Noble Max Smith rig in August under a three-year contract, Noble Corp. said in a statement.

The rig is being moved to Mexico from the U.S. Gulf of Mexico following upgrades and maintenance.

Nobel Corp. doesn’t have, as far as I can tell, any connection to Alfred Nobel, though there company does have a Norwegian affiliate, as well as in other major oil producing companies. Apparently, it’s a Houston based supplier, owned by a Swiss holding company. I suppose, if they had to, Nobel could open a Mexican office to own the rig that’s being rented out to PEMEX.

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