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Reefer madness!

15 October 2008

The speaker in Mexico City´s Assembly presented a bill Tuesday that would not only legalize the possession of marijuana but also allow the sale of the drug in controlled settings.

If passed, the measure would not legalize marijuana in the capital, but rather would be used to sponsor a reform on behalf of the Mexico City government to decriminalize the drug in the federal Congress.

Local governments have the authority to present initiatives before the federal body, bringing with them the backing of an entire state instead of lawmakers only.

Under the legislation presented by Assemblyman Víctor Hugo Círigo, licensed shops would be able to sell 5 grams of cannabis to a customer, while consumers could carry as much as 30 grams. In addition, the bill would permit the growing of up to five marijuana plants per household.

(Nacha Cattan, The News)

One of the more amusing arguments against this bill is that “it would invite criminals to set up shop in Mexico.” As opposed to the situation now, I guess.

Before you stumble onto a plane for your blissed-out Mexico City vacation (ok, this “not legalization” might change the tourist mix somewhat, but there’s Acapulco Golden opportunities in this), I’d point out that the District Assembly is overwhelmingly controlled by the PRD, and I don’t think there’s much chance of getting it through the Federal Legislature.

On the other hand… and this is kind of ironic… it all goes back to the attempts to overthrow the Federal District’s abortion bill, which led to a Supreme Court ruling that local legislatures (like the District Assembly) can write their own health codes. Abortion leads to marijuana smoking?

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